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Stephen Greer


Mason County District Court

Stephen Greer

Legal/Judicial Experience: Stephen serves as a Judge Pro Tem in the Mason District Court and Kitsap District Court. He has twenty-five years of part-time Judicial experience including thirteen years in Mason County. Stephen has presided over thousands of hearings and over a hundred trials as a Pro Tem Judge.

Other Professional Experience: Attorney; former criminal and civil prosecutor; criminal and civil public defender.

Education: Bachelor of Criminal Justice, Seattle University; Master of Criminal Justice, Boston University; Juris Doctorate, University of Puget Sound.

Community Service: Volunteer mentor at Kitsap County Youth Service Center; Olympic College Human Services Advisory Board; Community Theater.

Statement: Experience in the District Court matters. Stephen has twenty-five years of part time Judicial work in District and City Courts. He has presided over more than a hundred jury trials and thousands of criminal and civil hearings. Stephen drafted the Mason District Court Probation manual, and has advised the Court on hiring, budget, and management issues. Stephen is currently assisting the Mason County District Court in a transition to a paperless electronic Court.

As an attorney of thirty years, Stephen Greer has been a civil and criminal prosecutor and a civil and criminal public defender. He currently represents crime victims, victims of human trafficking, abused and neglected children in foster care, and those with mental and behavioral disorders.

A fair-minded and thoughtful advocate for justice under the law, Stephen has earned support from numerous Judges and attorneys that know his work. Stephen believes that all individuals that come before the Court shall be treated with dignity and respect. The District Court is the people’s Court and the people deserve a Judge that is fair, respectful, knowledgeable, and experienced. Vote for experience. Vote for Stephen Greer.

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Opponents: Eugene Austin, John Bonin, George Steele, Eric Valley
, Bremerton, WA
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