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George Steele


Mason County District Court

George Steele

Legal/Judicial Experience: Deputy Prosecutor for over ten years. Private Practice including criminal defense, civil, and bankruptcy for over twenty. Judge Shelton Municipal Court for over nine years. Commissioner WSTSC July 2017 through present. DMCJA member for over nine years. Pro-tem judge in various courts, including Mason County District Court. Wrote and lobbied for legislation and chaired WAPA’s Fish and Wildlife Committee.

Other Professional Experience: Commissioner and President Tanglewilde Parks District in 1990's.

Education: JD Degree, University of Puget Sound 1983. BA University of Colorado 1979

Community Service: Active St. Edward Catholic Church Shelton Parrish Council St. Michael Catholic Church, Olympia.

Statement: As an experienced Municipal Court and pro-tem Judge, attorney, and resident of Mason County, I fully realize the importance of the court system to the citizens of Mason County. I also fully realize the challenges presently facing our courts. I strongly believe that a judge is not a policy maker except insofar as to improve the court system. I believe a judge’s primary duty is to apply the law and be fair to all people coming before the court. This requires keeping an open mind and listening to all relevant facts presented. I have been successful with the Shelton Municipal Court as its judge, insuring that the court is effective and fair, with justice being done. I have always striven to ensure justice in my judicial and legal work and make a positive difference for people.

I believe that I am the most qualified candidate for the Mason County District Court. This is based on my experience as Judge, and as an attorney. My wife, Olene and I have been residents, for over eighteen years, in Mason County. I look forward to serving the citizens of this county, if I am elected.

Official web site:  
Opponents: Eugene Austin, John Bonin, Stephen Greer, Eric Valley
, Bremerton, WA
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