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Eugene Austin


Mason County District Court

Eugene Austin

Legal/Judicial Experience: Licensed attorney since 1991. Admitted to the practice of law in Washington, Colorado, and Utah. 13 years experience in private practice, representing clients in criminal and civil matters in both State and Federal Courts. Criminal Appeals.13 years experience in a corporate setting handling government and civilian contracts. Served as an Attorney Guardian ad Litem representing abused and neglected children.

Other Professional Experience: USMCR

Education: Brigham Young University School of Law. Major: Law; Degree: J.D. (1991) City University. Major: Business Administration; Degree: MBA (2004) Brigham Young University. Major: Anthropology; Minor: German, Degree: BA (1985)

Statement: The United States was founded on the idea “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Our government was created to protect these rights, not interfere with them. The importance of this idea cannot be overstated for it is the essence of American Exceptionalism because it was the first time that a country was established based on such an idea. Throughout most of human history, tyranny was the norm of human existence. To avoid that norm, the Constitution established a government whose powers were granted to it by the people and which was tasked with protecting the rights of the people. Each branch of government serves to protect these rights in a different way.

Although the District Court is a lower court, it still serves to protect individual rights and must deal with the same legal issues as all courts. It can do this only by providing fair and equal justice under the law. As District court Judge I will work to ensure fair and equal treatment adhering to the established rules, laws, and Constitution (State and Federal).

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Opponents: John Bonin, Stephen Greer, George Steele, Eric Valley
, Bremerton, WA
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