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Mychal Schwartz


King County District Court

Northeast Division, Position One

Mychal Schwartz

Education: Stanford University, Bachelor of Arts; American University, Juris Doctor

Occupation: Industrial Appeals Judge and Judge Pro Tem

As a judge pro tem since 2001 and Industrial Appeals Judge since 2013, I have served exclusively as a judge for the past 9 1/2 years. I value the importance of being a fair and neutral arbiter to each person coming before the court. District Court is often the first and only experience people have with the judicial system. With my experience I will provide compassion when appropriate, toughness when necessary, and fairness always.

My priority is to apply the law justly and equally. I want King County District Court to be part of the solution for the problems that affect our communities, ensuring safety and reducing recidivism. I will make sure victims’ rights are protected and that people who come before me are treated with dignity.

My unrivaled experience and qualifications make me the candidate best suited to serve the citizens of King County. Vote for knowledge and experience. Vote for Mychal Schwartz for King County District Court judge. Thank you.

Endorsed by: King County Council Chairman, Joe McDermott; MLK Labor Council; Judges: Monica Benton, Regina Cahan, James Cayce, Roger Rogoff, Catherine Shaffer, Gregg Hirakawa, Vicky Seitz, Matthew York, Glenn Philips, Rebecca Robertson, Michael Schwartz, and N. Scott Stewart..

Official web site:  
Opponents:  Marcus Naylor, Joshua Schaer
, Bremerton, WA
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