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Kristen Olbrechts


Snohomish County District Court

Cascade Division, Position One

Kristen OlbrechtsLegal/Judicial Experience: Snohomish County District Court Judge, Cascade Division, 2014 - present

Other Professional Experience: With close to 30 years of experience in the legal community, Judge Olbrechts served as a Judge Pro Tem for 20 years, State Prosecutor, City Prosecutor in both urban and rural settings, a defense attorney in private practice, and public defender.

Education: Juris Doctor; Bachelor of Science

Community Service: Judge Olbrechts is a Chamber of Commerce member across North Snohomish County, she is a member of the Arlington Rotary and Stanwood Area Historical Society; former Planning Commissioner, volunteer and supporter of Boys & Girls Club of America, Wounded Warrior Project, Alzheimerís Association.

Statement: Serving as your District Court Judge is an honor and responsibility I take very seriously. I believe our community is best served by a judge who is experienced, independent, and accountable. Thatís why I work to ensure justice is served thoughtfully, objectively, and accurately.

With nearly three decades of legal experience on both sides of the bench as a judge, prosecutor, and defense attorney, I bring an unmatched understanding of the law, whatís fair, and whatís right. I am the fourth generation in my family to call North Snohomish County home, so I share our values and work to ensure they are reflected and represented in court.

Over the last four years, Iíve judged hundreds of cases, worked with stakeholders around the district and sought innovative solutions and reforms that save time and money. With your continued support, Iíll apply that skill, expertise, and commitment to keep communities safe with decisions that enforce deterrence and promote rehabilitation.

Endorsed: WA State Patrol Troopers; Sheriff Trenary, County Councilmembers Nehring, Sullivan, Wright, Ryan; Arlington Mayor Tolbert, Councilmembers Stickles, Schuette, Hopson; Stanwood Mayor Kelley, Councilmembers Williams, Sather, White; State Supreme Court Justices Fairhurst, Johnson, Madsen, Owens, Stephens, Wiggins, Gonzalez, Yu; and many more!

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Opponent: Jennifer Rancourt  
, Bremerton, WA
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