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Washington Supreme Court

Supreme Court justices are elected to six-year terms by voters throughout the entire state. There are nine Supreme Court justices, and Washington residents will vote for three in 2018.

Supreme Court candidates only appear on the primary election ballot if there are three or more candidates for a position.

Position 2: Susan Owens is the incumbent.

Position 8: Steve Gonzalez is the incumbent. He is being challenged by Nathan Choi.

Position 9: Sheryl Gordon McCloud is the incumbent.


Court of Appeals

Division One, District One

(King County)

District One elects eight judges; Positions 4 and 7 will be on the 2018 ballot.

Judge Beth Andrus is the Position 4 incumbent. She is running without opposition.

Judge Marlin Applewick is the Position 7 incumbent. He is running without opposition.


Superior Court

Superior Court judges are elected to four-year terms; most were elected in 2016, and their terms extend through the end of 2020.


District Court

District Court judges are elected to four-year terms, and all District Court positions are up for election in 2018. King County is divided geographically into five electoral districts; voters elect judges in the electoral district where they reside.

The following races will appear on the November ballot. Most of the races are uncontested. KCBA hosted a forum on October 8, 2018 for King County District Court candidates on the ballot for the Northeast Electoral District and the Shoreline Electoral District.

Northeast Electoral District (also Snohomish County)
Position 1: Marcus Naylor | Joshua Schaer
Position 2: Ketu Shah
Position 3: Lisa O'Toole
Position 4: Peter Nault
Position 5: David Steiner
Position 6: Michael Finkle
Position 7: Donna Tucker
Shoreline Electoral District
Position 1: Joe Campagna | Les Ponomarchuk
Position 2: Marcine Anderson
Southeast Electoral District
Position 1: Jason Poydras
Position 2: Matthew York
Position 3: Nathaniel Green
Position 4: Corinna Harn
Position 5: Virginia Amato
Position 6: Rhonda Laumann
Southwest Electoral District
Position 1: David Christie
Position 2: Susan Mahoney
Position 3: Laurel Gibson
Position 4: Mark Eide
Position 5: Elizabeth Stephenson
West Electoral District
Position 1: Lisa Paglisotti
Position 2: Mark Chow
Position 3: Art Chapman
Position 4: Gregg Hirakawa
Position 5: Anne Harper


Seattle Municipal Court

All Seattle Municipal Court positions are up for election this year. There are no contested positions.

Position 1: Ed McKenna
Position 2: Andrea Chin
Position 3: Adam Eisenberg
Position 4: Anita Crawford-Willis
Position 5: Willie Gregory
Position 6: Faye Chess
Position 7: Damon Shadid, Bremerton, WA
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