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Joshua Schaer


King County District Court

Northeast Division, Position One

Education: JD, University of Washington School of Law; BA with Honors, University of Washington

Occupation: Attorney, Perkins Coie; Judge Pro Tem, King County District Court

Joshua Schaer’s record of serving the Eastside makes him our community’s choice for this open judicial position.

Experience – 8 years on the Issaquah City Council protecting the environment and affordable housing while balancing budgets, 11 years Judge Pro Tem service, 17-year legal career in public defense and civil practice, Sunday School teaching, volunteering at Skyline HS, Bellevue College.

Local Support – Judges and Eastside leaders ask you to vote for Joshua Schaer: Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib, former Attorney General Rob McKenna, Supreme Court Justice Bobbe Bridge (ret.), Superior Court Judge Jean Rietschel, District Court Judge Peter Nault, Sen. Lisa Wellman, Rep. Judy Clibborn, Rep. Roger Goodman, Mayor Amy Walen, Councilmember Bill Ramos. Non-partisan endorsements: Bellevue/Issaquah - former Mayors Grant Degginger, Fred Butler; Deputy Mayor Lynne Robinson; Councilmembers John Stokes, Stacy Goodman, Chris Reh, Tola Marts. Kirkland/Woodinville - Councilmembers Dave Asher, Susan Boundy-Sanders. Endorsing organizations: King County Young Democrats, 5th and 48th District Democrats. “Well Qualified” ratings: QLaw, Latino/a and Joint Asian Bar Associations.

Integrity – Joshua has built a reputation of promoting justice for all. The legal community knows Joshua listens carefully, treats everyone respectfully, and decides matters thoughtfully. As Judge, Joshua’s commitment to fairness will enhance our Court.

Official web site:  
Opponent: Marcus Naylor
Candidate ratings:

Cardozo Society Well Qualified  
King County Bar Association Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Joint Asian Judicial
Evaluations Committee
Well Qualified
Latina/o Bar Association
of Washington
Well Qualified
QLaw: The GLBT Bar
Association of Washington
Well Qualified


Newspaper endorsements (click paper for details):

The Stranger, Bremerton, WA
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