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Cowlitz County


Washington Supreme Court

Supreme Court justices are elected to six-year terms by voters throughout the entire state. There are nine Supreme Court justices, and Washington residents will vote for three in 2016.

Supreme Court candidates only appear on the primary election ballot if there are three or more candidates for a position.

Position 1: Mary Yu is the incumbent. She is being challenged by David DeWolf. This election will appear on the November ballot.

Position 5: Barbara Madsen is the incumbent. She is being challenged by Greg Zempel. This election will appear on the November ballot.

Position 6: Charlie Wiggins is the incumbent. He is being challenged by Dave Larson. This election will appear on the November ballot.


Court of Appeals

Division Two, District Three

(Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Pacific, Skamania, and Wahkiakum Counties)

District Three elects two judges; Position 2 will be on the 2016 ballot.

Judge Jill Johansen is the Position 2 incumbent. She is running without opposition.


Superior Court

Superior Court judges are elected to four-year terms. Most Superior Court positions throughout Washington are up for election in 2016.

In counties with a population of less than 100,000, a race with three or more Superior Court candidates will appear on the August 2 primary ballot. In a one or two candidate race, there will only be a vote on the position in November.

The following position has two candidates. They will not appear on the primary ballot but will be on the November ballot.

Position 1 Gary Bashor | Joshua Baldwin

The following incumbents are running unopposed. They will receive Certificates of Election and will not appear on either the primary ballot or the November ballot.

Position 2 Stephen Warning
Position 3 Michael Evans
Position 4 Marilyn Haan


District Court

District Court judges are elected to four-year terms; most were elected in 2014, and their terms extend through the end of 2018. Vacant positions may appear on the 2016 ballot in some counties.

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