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Municipal League of King County




About the Municipal League Ratings

The ratings are not endorsements. They assess each candidate's potential to be effective in office and ability to serve the community.

Outstanding Has made numerous outstanding contributions requiring skills related to the office, is a path-finding and respected leader, brings knowledge and creativity to issues facing the office.

Very Good Makes significant contributions, is a skilled builder of consensus, inspires confidence in the way he/she would serve, is thorough and attentive to issues.

Good Has been active and effective in many roles, is capable of moving people to productive action, has strong record of participation in problem solving, shows satisfactory commitment to tackling issues.

Adequate Has a record of participation and interest, is effective on specific issues, has provoked questions about suitability as an office holder, will need significant time/energy to fill gaps in knowledge.

Not Qualified Doesn't appear engaged, has a record that casts doubt on ability to be productive, hasn't demonstrated ability to deal with responsibilities of office, has narrow focus, inflexible attitude or is otherwise troubling.


The Municipal League questionnaire contains extended information on each candidate.

Contested Supreme Court Races

Candidate Name Rating Pos Note Questionnaire
Stan Rumbaugh Very Good 1   Questionnaire
Jim Johnson Very Good 1 ^~  
Bryan Chushcoff Very Good 6   Questionnaire
Charlie Wiggins Outstanding 6   Questionnaire
Richard Sanders Good 6 ~ Questionnaire


Contested King County District Court Races

Candidate Name Rating Pos Note Questionnaire
John O'Brien Very Good NE 6   Questionnaire
Michael Finkle Good NE 6 ~ Questionnaire
Donna Tucker Outstanding NE 7   Questionnaire
Larry Mitchell Very Good NE 7   Questionnaire
Ketu Shah Outstanding NE 7   Questionnaire
Marcine Anderson Outstanding Sh 2 ~ Questionnaire
Dennis McCurdy Very Good Sh 2   Questionnaire
Darrell Phillipson Outstanding SE 2 ~ Questionnaire
David Meyer Very Good SE 2   Questionnaire
Matt Williams Very Good SE 6   Questionnaire
David Tracy Very Good SE 6   Questionnaire
Susan Mahoney Outstanding SW 2   Questionnaire
Judith Eiler Adequate SW 2 ~ Questionnaire


Contested Seattle Municipal Court Races

Candidate Name Rating Pos Note Questionnaire
Edsonya Charles Adequate 1 ~ Questionnaire
Ed McKenna Very Good 1   Questionnaire
Karen Donohue Very Good 6   Questionnaire
Michael Hurtado Good 6 ~ Questionnaire



# Declined to Interview
+ Unable to Interview
% Declined to Participate
^ Unable to Participate
* Unable to Contact

~ Incumbent

UNOP  Unopposed


See also Municipal League's Candidate Ratings Page, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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As the election approaches, will include ratings and endorsements from numerous organizations. We provide this information so that voters will be better informed about the candidates. We do not rate or endorse any candidates; the ratings and endorsements of organizations included at this site reflect the views of those individual organizations and not necessarily the views of or its sponsors.