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Dan Kathren


Benton County District Court

Position Three

This race will appear on the November ballot.

Dan KathrenLegal/Judicial Experience: Judge Pro Tem for over 10 years, Benton and Franklin County District Courts, Pasco Municipal Court; Hearings Examiner, City of Pasco; Senior Contract Attorney, supervising junior attorneys with Benton County; Private Practice Attorney with 14 years extensive experience in both civil and criminal law

Other Professional Experience: Adjunct Professor, teaching both law and ethics, at Columbia Basin College and Washington State University Tri-Cities

Education: Hanford High School; WSU, Bachelor of Arts, Public Administration, Masters Coursework, Criminal Justice; Gonzaga University Law School, Juris Doctor

Community Service: Substance Abuse Coalition Trustee; Senior Life Resources (Meals on Wheels); Kennewick Community Education Volunteer; Instructor Leaership Tri-Cities

Candidate Statement: For over a decade as District Court Judge Pro Tem presiding effectively over a broad range of civil, criminal, traffic, and small claims cases, Dan Kathren has served the community well with his proven track record of reasoned, “no-nonsense” decision-making. He deliberates each case efficiently with a fair and balanced perspective, ensuring legally sound decisions while saving taxpayer dollars.

Kathren has lived nearly his entire life in Benton County, graduating from Hanford High School, WSU, and Gonzaga Law School.

Police officers, judges, teachers, firefighters, attorneys, engineers, business owners, and other Benton County citizens who have worked with Dan in numerous charitable and civic organizations support him because of his solid record of service in the public and non-profit sectors. He served as adjunct faculty at both WSU Tri Cities and CBC, and his fellow attorneys elected him Benton/Franklin Bar Association Trustee. On the bench, Kathren works hard to enforce the laws passed by city, county and state lawmakers. He faithfully makes sure to remain accountable to the public while justice is served in his courtroom. His legal and judicial background, character strength and a lifetime of community service in Benton County ensure citizens a prudent, efficient and sensible judge.

Official web site:  
Opponents: Alex Ekstrom

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Finance report:

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Alex Ekstrom 7/26/2010 $20,215.11
Personal Funds $15,000.00
Dan Kathren 7/26/2010 $14,249.81
Loans $4,700.00

Media stories:
    June 21, 2010
Tri-City Herald   Judicial campaign signs vandalized in Richland
    March 24, 2010
Tri-City Herald   Judges give support to Benton candidate
    March 20, 2010
Tri-City Herald   Lawyer to announce bid for District Court judge

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