Archived Version: August 17, 2010

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Alex Ekstrom


Benton County District Court

Position Three

This race will appear on the November ballot.

Alex Ekstrom

Candidate statement: Alex Ekstrom, 40, has been a federal and state prosecutor for over 12 years. He also has experience in civil practice and criminal defense.

Alex has successfully argued cases not only in District and Superior Court, but also in the State and Federal Courts of Appeal. He believes that your District Court is important because it is where you are most likely to find yourself, if you find yourself in court at all. Alex is committed to the principle that the job of a judge is to provide a fair, impartial and respectful place to resolve disputes. He believes that a judge must follow the law.

Alex is endorsed by your community judges, including judges of the local District Courts, Superior Court, and Court of Appeals. He is endorsed by both sides: prosecutors and defenders and civil attorneys on both sides. He has the support of people who work in the justice system and members of your community.

Alex has the confidence of those who will serve with him and those who will come before him. They believe that he has the knowledge, experience and most important, the character and demeanor needed to be our next District Court Judge.

Official web site:  
Opponents: Dan Kathren

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Finance report:

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Alex Ekstrom 7/26/2010 $20,215.11
Personal Funds $15,000.00
Dan Kathren 7/26/2010 $14,249.81
Loans $4,700.00

Media stories:
    June 21, 2010
Tri-City Herald   Judicial campaign signs vandalized in Richland
    March 24, 2010
Tri-City Herald   Judges give support to Benton candidate
    March 20, 2010
Tri-City Herald   Lawyer to announce bid for District Court judge

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