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Kevin McCann


Pierce County District Court

Position Two

Kevin McCann

Legal/Judicial Experience: Eight years experience as a pro tem judge in Olympia, Black Diamond, Federal Way, and Pierce County.

Other Professional Experience: 15 years as a Pierce County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney; Felony trial attorney with more than 100 trials in Superior Court; former head of the Felony Drug Unit; current head of the Felony Property Crimes Unit.

Education: Gonzaga University School of Law, Juris Doctorate; Gonzaga University, Bachelor of Arts Political Science.

Community Service: Reading tutor with Werlin Reading since 2002; past-president and Trustee of Jump Start Transitional Housing; youth soccer and softball coach; blood donor with Cascade Regional Blood Center with over 3 gallons blood donated.

Statement: It's time to trust our judges again.

Kevin is running to restore public trust in our judges and to keep you and your family safe. Kevin's been a deputy prosecutor for 15 years and judge pro tem for 8 years -- the most legal experience of any candidate. All Kevin's opponents are criminal defense lawyers.

Kevin is the lead attorney prosecuting those who helped Maurice Clemmons after he murdered four Lakewood Police Officers. Kevin's prosecuted every type of case -- from DUI, to child molestation, rape and murder. Kevin's the only candidate in the race endorsed by cops, firefighters, and prosecutors -- including the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs, Pierce County Deputy Sheriff's Independent Guild, Tacoma Police Union Local 6, Tacoma Firefighters Local 31, Pierce County Prosecuting Attorneys' Association, and Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

Pierce County deserves a judge we can be proud of. Kevin's been dedicated to serving you for 15 years. Kevin shares your values: hard work, fairness, and accountability. Kevin's spent his career keeping this community safe, and that's what he'll continue to do as a judge. With your support, Kevin will restore the public trust in our judges.

Official web site: | Facebook  
Opponents: Lance Hester, Claire Sussman, Karl Williams
Candidate ratings:

Pierce County
Bar Association
Well Qualified
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Well Qualified
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Finance report:

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Lance Hester 8/17/2010 $5,487.99
Loans $200.00
Kevin McCann 8/17/2010 $44,530.27
Personal Funds $4,800.00
Loans $4,700.00
Claire Sussman 8/17/2010 $65,525.29
Personal Funds $44,800.00
Loans $4,700.00
Karl Williams 8/17/2010 $67,674.00
Personal Funds $60,000.00

Media stories:
    March 28, 2010
Tacoma News Tribune   Deputy prosecutor wants judge job
, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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