Archived Version: August 17, 2010

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Claire Sussman


Pierce County District Court

Position Two

Claire SussmanLegal/Judicial Experience: Pro-Tem Judge, Pierce County District Court; Pro-Tem Judge, Puyallup Municipal Court, Attorney, Birnbaum Law Offices; Law Clerk, Court of Appeals Division II; Former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Pierce County Prosecutor's Office.

Education: University of Washington BA in Business Administration (1989). University of Puget Sound School of Law JD (1992).

Community Service: Claire is a volunteer instructor for WSA, a non-profit organization that promotes the personal growth, character development, and health of both youths and adults through teaching traditional self defense.

Statement: Claire Sussman is the clear choice for District Court Judge Position #2. In her 17 years as an attorney, Claire has gained the three-fold legal experience of having served as a Felony Prosecutor, Private Attorney, and Judge Pro-Tem. Claire has presided over tens of thousands of cases as a Pro-Tem Judge, uniquely qualifying her to serve our community with distinction as a District Court Judge. We can count on Claire to deliver fair, reasoned and firm decisions on the Bench.

Claire has a proven record of protecting the community, prosecuting convictions for attempted murder, sexual assault, and felony domestic violence cases, and holding offenders accountable while ensuring access to justice for all parties as a Judge Pro Tem.

As a spouse and working mother, Claire understands the importance of public safety in our community.

Claire Sussman has earned the respect of her colleagues through her hard work ethic, integrity, and thorough knowledge of the law. She has been endorsed with bi-partisan support from lawmakers, state officials, and judges alike. Her endorsements include: Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna, State Auditor Brian Sonntag, Councilmembers Barbara Gelman and Dick Muri, 2nd, 28th LD Democrats, Central Pierce Fire, Judge David Larson, and many others.

Official web site: | Facebook  
Opponents: Lance Hester, Kevin McCann, Karl Williams
Candidate ratings:

Pierce County
Bar Association
Well Qualified
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Well Qualified
Well Qualified

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Finance report:

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Lance Hester 8/17/2010 $5,487.99
Loans $200.00
Kevin McCann 8/17/2010 $44,530.27
Personal Funds $4,800.00
Loans $4,700.00
Claire Sussman 8/17/2010 $65,525.29
Personal Funds $44,800.00
Loans $4,700.00
Karl Williams 8/17/2010 $67,674.00
Personal Funds $60,000.00

Media stories:
    March 28, 2010
Tacoma News Tribune   Deputy prosecutor wants judge job
, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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