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Marywave Van Deren


Washington Court of Appeals

Division II, District One

Marywave Van Deren

Legal/Judicial Experience: Court of Appeals, 2004 to present, Chief Judge, 2008 to present; Pierce County Superior Court, 1996 to 2004, Executive, Family Law, Guardian ad litem, Rules, Guardianship and Trusts, Juvenile Court Executive Committees. Twice chair, Certified Professional Guardianhip Board. State CASA Board, 2003 to 2004. Inns of Court, member and president. Morton & McGoldrick; Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell. Numerous publications and speeches.

Other Professional Experience: Librarian-Western State Hospital, Pierce County, Medical Librarian, Rainier School.

Education: University of Washington-B.A., Masters, Law.

Community Service: City Club; Rotary (past); Points Northwest Historical Society; Humane Society, Board, 1996 to 1998; support of numerous community and charitable groups.

Statement: I have been privileged to serve Pierce County as a judge for 14 years. I treat each case as though it were my own. The outcome of every case should be both just and in accord with our laws. Even with less money, decisions must be timely, thorough, and clear.

My judicial philosophy is shaped by growing up in Pierce County as a farm girl, my broad life experiences, and my work as a librarian, family attorney, and chair of the Certified Professional Guardian Board. I know the law is important to everyone and that access to justice is a right we must preserve.

I have worked hard to make courts more responsive to people's needs. I have supported the uses of technology to reduce cost and delay and encouraged the use of the resources of the entire Court of Appeals to address Division 2's heavy caseload. In turn, I have assisted other courts by hearing cases for absent judges. These opportunities give me continuing perspective and understanding about how court decisions at all levels affect people.

I would appreciate your vote so I can continue to serve you! Experience counts at the Court of Appeals!

Official web site:  
Opponent: [Unopposed]
 , P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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