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Donna Tucker


King County District Court

Northeast Division, Position Seven

Donna TuckerOccupation: Judge Pro Tem King County District, Municipal Courts

Education: Graduated Seattle Pacific University, B.A. cum laude; Seattle University School of Law, J.D. cum laude

Statement: JUDICIAL/LEGAL EXPERIENCE: Known for her fairness, knowledge of the law and even-tempered respect for all parties, Donna has earned the highest rating of Exceptionally Well Qualified from the King County, Latino/a and GLBT Bar Associations. Donna offers 25 years of public service in the courtroom handling criminal and civil cases. She brings 10 years experience as a judge pro tem in the municipal and district courts of King County; having handled the full range of civil and criminal cases filed in District Court.

COMMUNITY: Donna has been a resident of east King County for 42 years, a business owner for 17 years providing public defense services in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Woodinville and Bothell. She has lived in Newcastle for the past 14 years with her family. Active in the community, she has been a volunteer: Senior Services Victim Advocate Program helping seniors who have been the victim of crime; youth and adult softball coach; fundraiser for the American Lung Association.

RESPECTED BY HER PEERS: "She has a genuine respect for the rule of law and the consequent necessity of treating all individuals and all matters before the court with attentiveness and dignity".- Janet Watson, Attorney

"She presents not only as an authority figure worthy of respect, but also a quality human being who listens carefully and cares about doing the right thing."- William Bailey, Attorney

"(H)er ability to be impartial and fair when faced with tough circumstances make her an ideal judge." Jessica Riley, Attorney

"She is extraordinarily well-equipped by experience and temperament for this position" Gene Piculell, Attorney

WIDELY SUPPORTED: Endorsed by Court of Appeals, Municipal, District, and Superior Court judges; Legislators and City Council Members; Court Administrators and Clerks, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, and law enforcement officers, including the King County Police Guild. Donna Tucker will be a superb judge. Visit!

Official web site: | Facebook  
Opponents: Larry Mitchell | Ketu Shah
Questionnaire responses: For King County Bar Association
For Municipal League of King County
For King County Democrats

Candidate ratings:

King County Bar Association Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Well Qualified
Well Qualified
Municipal League
of King County
Very Good Outstanding Outstanding
Joint Asian Judicial
Evaluations Committee
Well Qualified Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Well Qualified
Latina/o Bar Association
of Washington
Well Qualified Well Qualified Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Loren Miller Bar Association Qualified Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Well Qualified
QLaw: The GLBT Bar
Association of Washington
Well Qualified Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Well Qualified
Washington Women Lawyers Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Highly Qualified [Pending]

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Newspaper endorsements (click paper for details):

Issaquah Press    


Finance report:

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Larry Mitchell 8/17/2010 $5,260.94
Loans $250.00
Ketu Shah 8/17/2010 $24,358.30
Loans $4,700.00
Donna Tucker 8/17/2010 $27,187.55
Personal Funds $6,000.00
Loans $4,700.00

Media stories:
    August 3, 2010
Issaquah Press   Judicial candidates are all well qualified
Issaquah Press   Judicial candidates prepare for Aug. 17 election, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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