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Rebecca Robertson


Federal Way Municipal Court

Position One

This race will appear on the primary ballot. If no candidate receives more than 50% of the votes cast, there will be a runoff between the top two candidates in the November general election.

Rebecca RobertsonOccupation: Prosecuting Attorney, Seattle City Attorney’s Office, Appellate Unit.

Education: Juris Doctor, Seattle University School of Law. B.A. Political Science, University of Washington.

Candidate Statement: Rebecca C. Robertson is the most qualified candidate running for Federal Way Municipal Court. For far too long, Federal Way Municipal Court has been under a dark cloud. Change is needed. Rebecca has the experience, commitment, and professionalism to make this court one of the best in Washington State. She is rated “Well Qualified” by the King County Bar Association and is the Chair of the Washington State Bar Association’s Criminal Law Section. As a Judge Pro Tempore and a Prosecuting Attorney, she has handled thousands of criminal cases. Rebecca began her career prosecuting Domestic Violence cases in Kent. She knows South King County. She knows the law, has compassion for crime victims, and will administer justice fairly. Rebecca is well respected by judges, defense attorneys, and fellow prosecutors, and has a reputation for honesty and integrity. Rebecca will restore fairness, justice, and respectability to Federal Way Municipal Court.

Official web site:  
Opponents: Williams Jarvis, Mark Knapp, Michael Morgan, James Santucci, and Matthew York.
Questionnaire response: For King County Bar Association

Candidate ratings:

Wiliams Jarvis Not Qualified * *
Mark Knapp Refused to Cooperate in
in the Judicial Screening Process
* *
Michael Morgan Not Qualified * *
Rebecca Robertson Well Qualified Well Qualified Well Qualified
James Santucci Qualified * *
Matthew York Well Qualified * *

Important note! Each of these organizations uses its own standards and rating terms when evaluating candidates; please check their pages for further information. We do not have ratings for candidates with an asterisk (*), and the reasons vary. Some evaluations may still be in process, or we might not have received them yet; some candidates may not have been offered an opportunity to participate, or they may have declined to participate. Again, please check the organizations' pages for further details.


Newspaper endorsements (click paper for details):

Wiliams Jarvis    
Mark Knapp    
Michael Morgan    
Rebecca Robertson
James Santucci    
Matthew York

New Page 1 Finance report:
Williams Jarvis 08/18/2009 $0.00 $0.00
Mark Knapp 08/18/2009 $0.00 $0.00
Michael Morgan 08/18/2009 $26,023.75
(Personal Funds $18,800.00)
(Loans $4,700.00)
Rebecca Robertson 08/18/2009 $3,185.00
(Personal Funds $50.00)
James Santucci 08/18/2009 $8,345.45 $7,880.45
Matthew York 08/18/2009 $11,954.73
(Loans $3,000.00)

Media stories:
    August 6, 2009
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    July 23, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Judge, challengers present case for why they should be elected
Federal Way Mirror   Federal Way judicial candidates face off in forum for primary election
    July 6, 2009
Federal Way Mirror   [Opinion] Strengthen the court, but don't throw it away
Federal Way News   Restoring faith in Federal Way's courts
    July 4, 3009
Federal Way Mirror   Judges plead their case for keeping court
    June 30, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Federal Way judges plead their case before council
    June 18, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Time to shut down FWay's snakebit court?
    June 17, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Federal Way studies court options
    June 16, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] Sunlight reaches FWay’s municipal court
    June 15, 2009
Federal Way Mirror   [Editorial] Court report: The real cost of public drama in Federal Way
    June 13, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Report cites Federal Way judge's 'inappropriate behaviors'
    June 12, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Supreme Court orders release of Federal Way judge report to TNT
    June 11, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] FWay court probe should be public
    June 10, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   State high court weighs records arguments
    June 9, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Federal Way judge goes to Supreme Court today
    June 6, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Federal Way judges both face opposition
    June 4, 2009
Federal Way Mirror   Former court employee files lawsuit against Federal Way
    June 3, 3009
Tacoma News Tribune   Federal Way court employee seeks damages for firing
    June 2, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Despite reprimand, Federal Way judge seeks re-election
    May 25, 2009
Federal Way Mirror   City considers terminating Federal Way Municipal Court
Federal Way Mirror   [Column] Can the Federal Way court objectively investigate itself?
Federal Way Mirror   [Column] Judge Larson responds to FW court scenario
    May 9, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Newspaper asks state Supreme Court for ruling in Federal Way judge’s case
    May 5, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] Report leaves FWay court in healthier light
    May 3, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Investigation by Federal Way judge finds threat allegations 'puzzling'
    April 12, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Appeals commissioner to decide by Tuesday on release of report
    March 20, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Report investigating hostile workplace allegations at Federal Way court can go public
    March 13, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] FWay dispute imperils public’s right to know
    March 12, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Federal Way judge tries to stop release of report investigating hostile workplace claims
    February 22, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   [Column] Truth must prevail in investigation of Federal Way judge
    February 18, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] Federal Way court hobbled by charges
    February 14, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Federal Way judge focus of concern
    December 12, 2008
Federal Way Mirror   [Editorial] Judge Morgan's lawsuit is unfair to Federal Way taxpayers
Federal Way Mirror   [Column] Civics 101: Clarifying the roles of city government's three branches
    December 9, 2008
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] Judge should give up the fight
Federal Way Mirror   Judge's lawsuit costs Federal Way almost $80,000 so far
    July 5, 2008
Federal Way Mirror   [Column] City is committed to open government amid judge's lawsuit
    May 31, 2008
Federal Way Mirror   [Opinion] Keeping your judge in the spotlight
    May 28, 2008
Federal Way Mirror   [Column] Judge addresses city's court scandal
    May 10, 2008
Federal Way Mirror   Request filed to expedite FW lawsuit
    March 25, 2005
Federal Way Mirror   Council sending city's judge to polls
    February 16, 2005
Federal Way Mirror   City judge may be elected
    June 25, 2004
Federal Way Mirror   Municipal court judge could become elected, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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