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Ratings and Endorsements does not rate or endorse any judicial candidates. Our goal is to gather information impartially from an array of diverse sources and to make that information available in a convenient single location so that voters can make fully informed decisions.

The evaluations included here result from the different processes used by the various included organizations. We believe that the most helpful evaluations result from a careful, systematic process that draws upon candidate questionnaires, interviews with sources and references, and consideration of the characteristics that make the best judges. But we recognize that some organizations base their ratings and endorsements on largely ideological considerations and we include those ratings here as well.

In considering any rating or endorsement, voters should evaluate the evaluators. Voters should carefully consider the process used to arrive at the rating as well as the factors that go into the rating.

The evaluations here are divided into three categories.

  • Candidate ratings, which result from evaluative processes that consider a variety of judicial characteristics.
  • Newspaper endorsements.
  • Organizational endorsements, which result from consideration of ideological considerations.

Candidate ratings:
Newspaper endorsements:

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Organizational endorsements  
Additional ratings and endorsements will be added as they become available., P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
Email your comments or fill out our form. includes ratings and endorsements from numerous organizations. We provide this information so that voters will be better informed about the candidates. We do not rate or endorse any candidates; the ratings and endorsements of organizations included at this site reflect the views of those individual organizations and not necessarily the views of or its sponsors.