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Welcome to, a nonpartisan source of judicial evaluation information for appellate court candidates running for office in Washington's September 19, 2006 primary election.

On the primary ballot, you will find candidates running for three seats on the Washington Supreme Court. Supreme Court justices are elected on a statewide basis.

Some voters will also be asked to vote for Court of Appeals judges. For the Court of Appeals, voters in a particular county will only vote for judges who seek to fill the particular seats allotted to their division and district of that court. You can find the elections in which you will be able to participate through the Show My Elections link.

Most of Washington's appellate court races will be decided in the primary; you cannot wait until the November general election.

A few counties will have Superior Court positions on their ballots this year, and many District Court positions are up for election. These local contests are beyond the scope of this site, so please review the Official Judicial Voter Pamphlet and other materials to learn about Superior Court and District Court candidates.

Please note: This site is being updated constantly as additional information becomes available. We hope you will check back periodically for new materials. We especially urge you to revisit us "one last time" when the day comes for you to mark your ballot. Remember, the primary is critical.


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