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Media Stories

    November 3
Seattle P-I   [Column] Electing judges keeps them accountable
    November 2
Everett Herald   [Supreme] Incumbent challenged by Supreme Court critic
    November 1
The Olympian   Spending limits debated at campaign finance hearing
    October 31
Spokesman-Review   [Spokane] [Opinion] District Court picks
    October 28
Seattle P-I   [Supreme] Supreme Court race gets political
The Olympian   [Supreme] Capitol Chat transcript: State Supreme Court candidates Susan Owens and Stephen Johnson
Spokesman-Review   [Spokane] Two vie for open judge's seat
    October 26
Seattle Times   [Supreme] Johnson for high court
Seattle Times   [King] Candidates for Eastside judge spot trade criticisms
    October 25
Seattle Times   [Supreme] Nearly $700,000 flows into court race
    October 24
The Olympian   [Supreme] Justice Susan Owens pulls out of debate
Tacoma News Tribune   [Supreme] [Opinion] Keep Susan Owens on state Supreme Court
Walla Walla
  [Supreme] [Opinion] Johnson gets nods in race for the state Supreme Court
    October 23
Seattle P-I   [Supreme] Voters weigh records of Owens, Johnson in race for Supreme Court
Seattle P-I   [Supreme] A look at Supreme Court candidates
Wenatchee World   [Chelan] Prosecutor, lawyer vie for judge post
The Olympian   [Thurston] [Opinion] Hirsch will be better judge
    October 20
Yakima Herald   [Yakima] Yakima District Court judge candidates
    October 19
The Olympian   [Thurston] Superior court race is uphill for Powers
Everett Herald   [Snohomish] Experience touted in court race
    October 18
Seattle P-I   Election 2006: Money is surging through campaigns
Seattle Times   [Column] Imagine selecting judges without big money's stain
Seattle Times   [Snohomish] Two substitute judges vie for court seat
Seattle Times   [Supreme] Supreme Court race: Candidates' views easy to tell apart
The Olympian   [Supreme] Stark contrasts mark sole high court race
    October 17
Tri-City Herald   [Supreme] [Opinion] Endorsement: State Supreme Court: For Owens
Spokesman-Review   [Spokane] Bar association ranks candidates for judge
Spokesman-Review   [Spokane] Spokane County District Court: The races
Spokesman-Review   [Supreme] Washington Supreme Court: The race
    October 15
Everett Herald   [Snohomish] [Opinion] Bui better of two fine candidates for judge
Everett Herald   [Supreme] [Opinion] Johnson's restraint would benefit Supreme Court
    October 14
Tri-City Herald   [Supreme] Justice candidates deliver opinions
    October 13
The Olympian   [Supreme] [Opinion] Keep Owens on high court
    October 12
Yakima Herald   [Supreme] [Opinion] Challenger Stephen Johnson best suited for Supreme Court
    October 11
The Olympian   [Opinion] Justice cannot be up for sale
Everett Herald   [Commentary] Voters can sort through free speech
Seattle P-I   [Commentary] Appoint judges to protect system from political interests
    October 10
Tri-City Herald   [Opinion] State judicial races get down and dirty
The Olympian   [Supreme] Groups join in effort to put Johnson on court (scroll down)
    October 8
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] Judicial selection: Cautionary tale
    October 6
Walla Walla
  [Opinion] Reform is needed for state's judicial elections
The Olympian   [Supreme] Diverse views in court showdown
King County Journal   [King] Ottinger loses in recount; Incumbent officially out of judicial race
Seattle Times   [King] Pope, LaSalata to face off for King County district judge
Seattle Times   Alexander seeks limits on election influence
    October 4
Everett Herald   [Opinion] Free speech works fine in elections, thank you
Vancouver Columbian   [Opinion] If it ain't broke ...
    October 3
The Olympian   Gregoire: Money, judges don't mix
Wenatchee World   [Column] Politics is nothing new for the judiciary
Seattle Times   [Opinion] The slime campaigns reach Washington state   [Opinion] Are judgeships for sale?
    September 30
Seattle Times   [King] Recount needed in King County District Judge race
The Olympian   [Thurston] Primary certified; results, turnout are in
    September 29
The Olympian   PDC sets eye on ads' funding
Spokesman-Review   Spending worries campaign watchdog
Tacoma News Tribune   Panel looks to limit PAC donors
Seattle P-I   State PDC wants to stem flow of third party spending
Seattle Times   Interest groups have taken over elections, panel fears
    September 28
King County Journal   [King] 17 Votes separate Ottinger, LaSalata in judge race
    September 27
Seattle Times   Johnson vows clean race for court seat
Seattle Times   [King] Judicial vote likely headed for recount
King County Journal   [King] Recount likely in district court race
    September 26
The Olympian   [Opinion] Voters reject BIAW attempt to buy seat
    September 24
Yakima Herald   In general election, just relax and vote for who you want
Wenatchee World   [Chelan] DiTommaso likely to face Harmon in judge race
Seattle P-I   [King] [Opinion] Judicial selection: Pope's fiasco
    September 23
Everett Herald   [Snohomish] District Court judge's race narrowed to two women
The Olympian   [Thurston] Superior Court race likely to end in runoff
    September 22
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] Dirty campaigning defiles state judiciary
Port Townsend Leader   [Jefferson] Landes, Suryan advance for District Court judge
    September 21
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] Primary election: Supreme wisdom
The Olympian   Owens-Johnson in spotlight
Spokesman-Review   Groen concedes; Chambers re-elected
Everett Herald   Money may have bugged voters
Seattle Times   Alexander prevails in bitter court race
Peninsula Daily News   [Jefferson] More ballots to be counted today to determine candidate for District Court judge
Seattle Times   [King] Repeat candidate finds himself in lead
King County Journal   [King] Judge Ottinger opponent may be headed to general election
    September 20
Seattle Times   Groen conceded defeat to Alexander
Wenatchee World   [Chelan] Prosecutor holds big lead in race for open judge seat

Primary Election September 19

    September 18
Tri-City Herald   Supreme Court money you might have missed
The Olympian   It's your vote
    September 17
Tacoma News Tribune   Voting in this primary is not for the lazy
The Olympian   This isn't your usual race for Supreme Court
Vancouver Columbian   [Opinion] Campaigns get ugly
Seattle Times   [Opinion] Odious ads smell up Supreme Court race
Seattle Times   [Opinion] The Times endorses ...
Seattle Times   [Column] High court seat shouldn't go to high bidder
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] Judicial elections: Down and dirty
Seattle P-I   Money gushes into Supreme Court, state Senate primaries
    September 16
Aberdeen Daily World   Groen, Alexander spar over experience, court role
Tacoma News Tribune   Challenger brings up 1989 case
    September 15
Seattle P-I   Special-interest money fueling judicial races
Seattle P-I   Campaign funds law violations alleged
Seattle P-I   Washington State Supreme Court candidates (chart)
Everett Herald   Outside money pours into Supreme Court race
Tacoma News Tribune   State to look at five PACS in court races
The Olympian   [Opinion] Judicial ads target judge
The Olympian   Justice gets late funding infusion
Seattle Times   You know how system works: $$$
    September 14
Aberdeen Daily World   [Opinion] Alexander is a judicious judge
The Olympian   Special-interest money targets Alexander
The Olympian   Groups for high court challengers face inquiry
Seattle Times   State Supreme Court contests spark "fundraising arms race"
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] Don't let others decide your future
    September 13
Spokesman-Review   Supreme cash flows
    September 12
Tri-City Herald   [Opinion] State Supreme Court: Alexander, Chambers
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] BIAW judicial ads strike low blows
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] Debate over policy preferences has no place in judicial elections
KPLU/NPR   Washington Supreme Court races turn nasty (audio capability required)
Oregon Public Broadcasting   Washington Supreme Court races turn nasty (transcript)
Vancouver Columbian   [Opinion] If you want it, get it
    September 11
Seattle P-I   [Column] Attack ads on judges paid for by fake PACs
Spokesman-Review   Attack ads offer, receive criticism
    September 10
Vancouver Columbian   Voters lack guidance on statewide races
    September 9
Seattle Times   National group pumps funds into state court campaign
Kitsap Sun   Election 2006: Who's got the biggest heart for justice?
    September 8
Seattle P-I   National PAC brings big money to Wash. high court race
The Olympian   Groen gets building industry funding (scroll down)
National Law Journal   Judicial surveys vex the bench
    September 7
Seattle Times   Building-industry ads hammer judge
Tacoma News Tribune   Voters get to be judge, jury in race for Appeals Court
Aberdeen Daily World   Partisanship irks Supreme Court candidate
    September 6
Seattle Times   [Opinion] Don't let interest groups influence judicial choices
Seattle Times   Radio ads attack Justice Chambers
King County Journal   [Opinion] State Supreme Court in need of changes this election
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] Judges ignore obligation to impartiality
    September 5
Seattle Times   [Opinion] Three important seats on state Supreme Court
Seattle Times   Is state's high court dominated by "activist judges"?
Seattle Times   [Opinion] Hands off the courts, governor
Seattle Times   Key cases by state Supreme Court
Spokesman-Review   [Opinion] Alexander, Chambers and Stephen Johnson best
Walla Walla
  [Opinion] Alexander, Chambers easy picks for high court
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] Fundraising benefits court races
The Olympian   Money pours into court races
The Olympian   State Supreme Court race offers choice on range of issues (Position 9)
Bellingham Herald   Primaries could decide state judicial races
Bellingham Herald   Court of Appeals race on in county
    September 4
The Olympian   Court race highlights contrasts (Position 8)
    September 3
The Olympian   Judicial race heats up over finances (Position 2)
Spokesman-Review   High court races get dirty
    September 2
Bellingham Herald   [Opinion] Mary Kay Becker has proved her qualifications as judge
Seattle P-I   Money pours for three seats on Washington Supreme Court
Seattle P-I   A look at Supreme Court candidates
Vancouver Columbian   Appeals court race turns partisan
    September 1
Seattle P-I   A move to push our courts to the right
Vancouver Columbian   [Opinion] In our view: Judging the judges
Everett Herald   [Opinion] Chambers, Alexander should remain on
    August 31
The Olympian   [Opinion] Incumbents best choice for justices
Longview Daily News   [Opinion] For appeals court judge, keep Penoyar
Kitsap Sun   Cash pours in for state high court races
    August 30
Spokesman-Review   [Opinion] Judicious decisions
Longview Daily News   [Opinion] High court picks: Stephen Johnson, Gerry Alexander, Tom Chambers
Longview Daily News   Washington election ballots mailed out today
Wenatchee World   This election season, some help for voters
    August 29
Seattle Times   [Opinion] How to pick judges
Yakima Herald   [Opinion] Wapato's Chambers qualified for return to Supreme Court
Centralia Chronicle   [Opinion] Burrage, Boger our picks for court posts
Longview Daily News   Judicial candidate's supporters accuse opponents of running as spoilers
The Olympian   Court race over after primary
Everett Herald   [Opinion] A ballot is coming to a mailbox near you
    August 28
Yakima Herald   [Opinion] Alexander's experience merits final term on court
Centralia Chronicle   [Opinion] Johnson, Alexander win endorsements
The Olympian   Capitol Chat transcript: State Supreme Court candidates Gerry Alexander and John Groen
Longview Daily News   Primary features Supreme Court races
    August 27
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] P-I Endorsements: Retain justices
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] For high court: Owens, Alexander, Chambers
Kitsap Sun   [Opinion] Vote carefully in state's Supreme Court elections
King County Journal   Deciding on judges now easier for voters: History, evaluations now made available on new legal Web site
Tri-City Herald   Justice, opponent to attend Benton City event
    August 26
The Olympian   Court candidate breaks silence
    August 25
Yakima Herald   Information on judges a click away
Yakima Herald   [Opinion] Would-be voter guide is a troubling litmus test
Seattle Times   Groups prep their arsenals
Spokesman-Review   [Opinion] Supreme Court, Gregoire don't mix
    August 24
Everett Herald   Site aids voters picking judges
    August 23   Chief justices sound alarm on judicial elections
    August 22
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] Reshaping state law in their own image is the goal of some PACs
The Olympian   Money stirs up high court races
Spokesman-Review   Supreme Court slots at stake in vote
    August 19
Tacoma News Tribune   High court races heat up at Tacoma forum
The Olympian   Judges, challengers spar at forum
    August 18
The Olympian   Justice failed to report wreck
Tri-City Herald   Religious group offers judicial voter's guide
The Olympian   Justice failed to report wreck (and) Rating the judges (scroll down)
    August 17
Seattle Times   Justice failed to report crash
Tri-City Herald   Chambers: DOMA decision "a close call"
    August 16
Seattle P-I   Outside interests influencing court races
Seattle P-I   State justices defend rulings in forum
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] Campaign spending caps do disservice to cause of independent judiciary
Longview Daily News   Appeals judge's challenger says his model is Justice Scalia   The battle of the Johnsons
    August 15
Washington Courts   Judicial voter pamphlet in daily newspapers, August 28
The Olympian   Judicial candidates to appear at forum
    August 14
Tacoma News Tribune   Court races add sparks to primary   Race for Washington State Supreme Court Justice Position 9
    August 13
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] Justice in the balance
Peninsula Daily News   Supreme Court justice, former Forks judge, returns to Clallam Bench
    August 11
Aberdeen Daily World   An old-fashioned political potboiler
    August 9
Longview Daily News   Supreme Court hopeful lashes out at incumbent
    August 8
Seattle P-I   More candidate information on ballot
    August 6
King County Journal   [Opinion] Why state Supreme Court judge elections matter to you
    August 4
Longview Daily News   State chief judge criticizes opponent for funds accepted
The Olympian   Olympia judge joins race for top court seat
Vancouver Columbian   Vancouver lawyer loses ballot spot in appellate race
    August 1
Seattle Times   [Editorial] Know your judges
Tacoma News Tribune   Forums offer voters chance to learn more (scroll down)
    July 29
Seattle Times   4 to challenge Supreme Court justice
Vancouver Columbian   Election matchups, including high court flap, now complete
The Olympian   Business association endorses Alexander (scroll down)
    July 28
Seattle Times   Upholding gay-marriage ban may put new spin on court races
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] Order in the court? Hardly
    July 27
Tacoma News Tribune   Justices could feel fallout of ruling during election
    July 26
KOMO 4 TV   Ruling could rock Supreme Court races
    July 24
Seattle Times   [Opinion] Judging the judges
    July 20
KPLU/NPR   Independent judiciary (audio capability required)
KPLU/NPR   Supreme court candidates (audio capability required)
Seattle Times   Incumbent justices spar with better-financed rivals over judicial independence
Seattle P-I   Lawyers hear from top-court candidates
Seattle P-I   [Opinion] Election 2006: Courting trouble
Everett Herald   Supreme Court hopefuls debate
    July 18
Seattle Times   [Opinion] State Supreme Court justices must answer for their actions
    July 13
The Olympian   Chief justice opponent far ahead in money race
    July 12
Seattle P-I   Candidate for state high court rakes in $300,000
Seattle Times   Court candidate amasses $300,000
    July 11
Seattle Times   [Opinion] Preserving an independent judiciary
Seattle Times   State justice gets achievement award
    July 9
Tacoma News Tribune   [Opinion] High court contest turns ideological
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